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WCW Winter Issue – Present and Future Wastewater Issues

The theme of the WCW Winter  issue is Present and Future Wastewater Issues.   Theme-related articles include:   Trends In Wastewater Treatment, Innovation – A Double-Edged Sword, Evaluating … [Read more...]

Statistics Canada – 2014 Survey of Drinking Water Plants

2014 Survey of Drinking Water Plants In the winter of 2014 Statistics Canada will be conducting the Survey of Drinking Water Plants. This survey is a census of public drinking water plants serving … [Read more...]

WCW Member Profile – Klas Ohman

WCW Member Profile - Klas Ohman Senior Water and Environment Engineer at Associated Engineering in Calgary, Alberta.  Name: Klas Ohman Company/City: Associated Engineering - Calgary, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Attend WCW’13

Countless formal and informal networking opportunities: including the Exhibition, the Young Professionals pub, and the 2nd Edmonton W/W Cup Challenge.  Bring your current issue or concern and connect … [Read more...]

Human Resources – Resources that Matter Most

In the water industry, we talk a lot about our natural resources, how to use them and how to protect them. We don't often talk about our human resources. This resource deserves some attention, though, … [Read more...]

WCW Member Profile – Jason Cousin

WCW Member Profile - Jason Cousin the principal and project Engineer for J.R. Cousin Consultants in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Name: Jason Cousin Company/City: J.R. Cousin Consultants, Winnipeg, … [Read more...]

WCW Member Profile – Gord Putz

WCW Member Profile -Gord Putz is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.   Name: Gord Putz Company/City: University of Saskatchewan, … [Read more...]

AWWOA 2014 Call For Papers

Alberta Operators’ Annual Seminar - 2014 The Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association Annual Seminar will be held March 10 - 14, 2014 in Banff, Alberta. All proposals that are of a … [Read more...]

WCW Member Profile – Bryan Weber, P. Eng.

WCW Member Profile - Bryan Weber, P. Eng. works for AECOM Canada Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba. His core function is managing and administering the Water Group’s 50 CI employees. Name: Bryan Weber, P. … [Read more...]

WCW Member Profile – Janusz Gawor

WCW Member Profile - Janusz Gawor works for the City of Calgary as a Science Liaison Officer. His core function is to facilitate and champion applied research and development in the city's water … [Read more...]