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Survey of Canada’s Drinking Water

Statistics Canada recently released the results of its most recent survey of water plants, a survey that reveals detailed information about Canada’s water users and water usage. The data provides … [Read more...]

MWWA 2014 Call For Papers

Conference Committee is Looking for Papers If you have a topic you would like to present at the MWWA 2014 conference, please let us know. All details are found below: Conference: February 9 – … [Read more...]

Managing Liquid Assets in a Crisis

At Western Canada Water, our hearts go out to the families affected by the recent floods in Calgary and the surrounding area and we hope for a quick and safe return for all affected residents. The … [Read more...]

Alberta Emergency Contact Information

Here is a list of the areas impacted by the flooding, state of emergency, and evacuations caused by the severe weather across Southern Alberta, and emergency contact information. For the most … [Read more...]

Spring Showers Bring Spring Runoff

Spring is in the air. The flowers begin to bloom. New love blossoms. The earth begins to awaken as the days grow longer and the temperatures rise. Spring also means rain, snowmelt and an increase … [Read more...]

Making Parking Lots more Water Friendly

When it comes to water conservation and reducing stormwater runoff, everyone has a part to play from homeowners and landlords to businesses and developers. One way business and developers can increase … [Read more...]

Working Together for Water

Working Together for Water - Our Vision The Environmental Authorities monitor our water quality and set regulations to provide safe water and to protect the environment. Utilities and … [Read more...]

Speakers Announced for Liquid Assets 2013

Western Canada Water Association is pleased to announce an extraordinary lineup of speakers for the 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition “Liquid Assets,” Sept. 17-20, in Edmonton, Alberta — the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use a Car Wash

Wastewater and the Benefits of the Car Wash For many, washing the car in the driveway each weekend has become something of a ritual. It’s idealized in car commercials especially when we see happy … [Read more...]

Wastewater: We think about it so you don’t have to

When was the last time you thought about wastewater? If you’re like the average water user, you probably don’t think about wastewater at all, or at least not until your sink drain backs up. It’s kind … [Read more...]