Our Vision

Working Together for Water

We believe that working together makes us stronger, like creeks and streams coming together to create the rivers and lakes that provide the life giving resource for our communities. With better strength we can make a difference in our efforts to provide safe water and protect the environment.

Western Canada Water will

  • Foster a cooperative environment where stewardship, regulatory, engineering, construction and operations professionals collectively work together to provide safe water for human consumption and environmental protection.
  • Deliver an annual conference and magazine for the water industry to provide information on technology, regulatory requirements, problem solving and networking.
  • Deliver a collaborative training and education program.
  • Promote public awareness of the importance of water.
  • Implement a water profession workforce development program.Serve as a voice and advocate on water regulations at all levels of government.
  • Provide data management, finance services, marketing and administration to our Constituent Organizations as required.
  • Maintain strong linkages with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association.

Working Together for Water

  • The Environmental Authorities monitor our water quality and set regulations to provide safe water and to protect the environment.
  • Utilities and Industry finance and manage their projects to meet the latest regulations.
  • Utilities and Industry hire Consulting Engineers to consult and design their facilities to meet the environmental standards.
  • The Manufactures create technology for which the Suppliers sell and/or service. Their products are incorporated into a facility to meet or exceed the design and environmental standards. They provide and support the technology specified.
  • Utilities and Industry hire Contractors to build and/or service the facilities that the consulting engineers design to meet the environmental standards.
  • Lastly, but certainly not the least, our facility Operators run, monitor and provide reporting to ensure environmental standards are met.