The BlueW program is expanding this spring

Get your community involved!BlueW

Driven by a genuine appreciation for the hard work of municipal water providers, the BlueW Tap Water Refilling Network is a unique community-based program dedicated to promoting municipal tap water as a healthy, easily accessible alternative to purchasing bottled drinks. We provide mapped details on where to find clean, free public and commercial sources to fill your reusable bottle without compelling you to make additional purchases.

The 14+ communities we’ve worked with directly to help promote tap water during our Pilot phase in Ontario are calling BlueW “the new fountain” because our free online directory of tap water refill locations replaces the need for high maintenance drinking fountain installations.

They are also saying:

  • BlueW is an innovative response to requests for bottle bans, elevating rather than eliminating consumer choice,
  • BlueW integrates well with municipal messaging,
  • BlueW is a turn-key program,
  • BlueW has a measurable impact.

Do you have a tap water promotion strategy for the coming spring?  Would you consider contacting BlueW to discuss the possibilities for working together?  If so, please contact the BlueW Program Director – Evan Pilkington at, (226) 979-0166,