CanadianWater.Directory – Resources for community water suppliers

After a successful pilot project in British Columbia, the Sustainable Infrastructure Society is pleased to launch the website subscription service: CanadianWaterWebsites™ in other parts of western Canada. The service is designed specifically for community water suppliers. It gives water supply systems a customizable website that is completely editable by staff; no knowledge of html is required. The website contains rich water-related content and features. It’s easy to manage and use so the website can be easily updated by staff – whether in the field or in the office.  The service increases efficiency and provides a powerful communication tool for the community.  The website service comes with unlimited customer support and an affordable price tag. Several water suppliers in British Columbia now use the service. The administrator at Cowichan Bay Waterworks on Vancouver Island says:  “Our new website was launched quickly, and it’s easy to make updates ourselves through the secure Client Dashboard. We love the built-in Conservation Tips and other information that’s relevant no matter where you live. The Alerts feature is our absolute favourite—with many customers already subscribed to receive news and notices as they occur.” CanadianWaterWebsites™ currently comes with a limited-time introductory offer for water suppliers in western Canada. Quarterly Subscriptions receive 3 months of service for free; and Annual Subscriptions receive 4 months of service for free. The offer Expires July 1, 2014. A 14 Day Free Trial comes with every new website subscription, and no contracts or cancellation fees are charged. For more information go to and click on Website Service.