Policy & Planning

Watershed Specialists Policy Analyst Regulatory Analyst

Watershed Specialists are responsible for managing the risks associated with the watershed. Besides monitoring of water quality, watershed strategies are developed to maximize water quality and conservation. Typical duties are:

  • Water Quality Monitoring and assessment.
  • Identify and characterize specific causes or sources of water pollution.
  • Technical studies often with modeling to look at total loading.
  • Development of watershed protection and water management plans.
  • Investigate regulatory and compliance concerns related to the watershed such as pollutants.

Policy Analyst provides research, program and policy support in the development, coordination & transfer of strategies, policies, agreements, programs, and guidelines that support sustainable water resource management. Typical duties are:

  • Coordinate and conduct research, analysis and environmental scanning to identify and support sustainable water resource management.
  • Monitor, evaluate and develop strategies, policies, and agreements.
  • Provide advice on effective integration of new and emerging water resource and watershed management policies and programs.
  • Work in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental agencies at the local, provincial, and federal level.
  • Provide advice on integration of new and emerging water resource and watershed management policies and programs.

Regulatory Analyst clarifies approval and licence requirements, conducting regulatory research, gathering and organizing regulatory and compliance data required by the regulators, federal and provincial, tracking legislative developments of new regulatory requirements. Typical duties are:

  • Coordinate the implementation of regulatory compliance programs, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable federal, provincial and local regulations.
  • Prepare regulatory applications as required by applicable law and regulations by obtaining data from various sources and providing recommendations for permit language during application and approval process.
  • Conduct quality assurance audits related to testing, monitoring and reporting, ensuring that all sampling, analyses and reporting comply with applicable requirements.
  • Recommend actions required to ensure compliance with applicable legislation.
  • Obtain data from various sources, compile and submit required environmental and regulatory plans and reports.
  • Analyze and evaluate proposed environmental legislation and regulations for its impact on operations. This includes preparation and submission of position papers and drafts comments to regulatory bodies.
  • Provide recommendations on strategies for complying with proposed legislation and act as utility liaison to regulatory agencies.