CSA Call for Participants

Dear Stakeholders,

We are pleased to announce that CSA Group is launching a new standards development program for Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and Construction. The first project within this program will be a new Standard, Climate Change Adaptation for Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Concept for the new Standard

This new standard will address climate change adaptation considerations for wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), which could include provisions for site selection, geotechnical considerations, flow diversion, backflow prevention, drought considerations, specific considerations for extreme weather events, system protection, erosion control, and retrofit of existing facilities.

Call for members

To undertake this work, we are seeking additional experts to serve on the Technical Committee for Wastewater Treatment Plants and/or on the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force. We are looking for interested stakeholders who will actively participate and contribute to the development of this important standard through CSA’s accredited Standards Development Process.

The Climate Change Adaptation Task Force will be responsible for the development and refinement of the draft standard, based on a seed document that is under development. Task Force members require specific technical expertise and interest in the area of climate change adaptation for WWTPs.

The Technical Committee for Wastewater Treatment Plants will be responsible for reviewing and approving the technical content of the standard. Since the intent is for the Technical Committee to be responsible for additional projects, including topics such as structural design and general requirements, as the program grows, prospective Technical Committee members may have broader expertise in the area of wastewater treatment plants.

The Technical Committee will have balanced representation from the following stakeholder categories:

  • Owner / Operator Interest – Those who predominantly own, operate, or maintain wastewater treatment plants, or those who represent the interests of owners /operators.
  • Supplier / Contractor / Consultant Interest – Those who are predominantly involved with the supply of material, products, or services to the wastewater treatment plants owners. This would include industry organizations, manufacturers, builders, and consultants.
  • Regulatory / Policy / Underwriter Interest – Those who predominantly regulate, set policy, inspect, or insure wastewater treatment plants. This includes among others, representatives from the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments and some municipal departments.
  • General Interest – Those who are not predominantly associated with owning, operating, constructing, servicing, or regulating wastewater treatment plants. This category may include representatives with scientific interests, members of the public, organizations representing the public interest, or professional organizations that do not have a specific interest.
  • Associates – A limited number of suitably qualified individuals may be appointed as non-voting (Associate) members if participation by such members would help the Committee carry out its responsibilities.

We are particularly seeking representation from the Owner / Operator and Regulatory / Policy / Underwriter interest categories, and from regions across Canada.

What is expected?

  • Active participation and willingness to work on a committee electronically and in-person
  • Ability to represent a stakeholder category outlined above
  • Attendance at meetings over approximately 18-24 month development timeline
    • Technical Committee: 2-3 meetings per year (ongoing commitment)
    • Task Force: meetings approximately every 2 months over one year (short-term commitment)
  • Ability to work in a multi-stakeholder environment, following the principles of consensus
  • Strong interest and knowledge of the subject matter

How to express interest in membership

If you are interested in participating as a new member of the Technical Committee and/or the Task Force, please submit a resume or brief bio along with a statement outlining your interest and ability to contribute to the work. If you are interested in putting your name forward for the Chair or Vice-Chair of this new Technical Committee, please indicate this in your application.

We recognize that active participation on a Committee is a significant commitment and we thank you for taking the time to apply. As participation is limited to a manageable Committee size, we encourage interested stakeholders to submit their bio and statement as soon as possible. For further clarity or questions you may have, please contact Larisa Logan at  larisa.logan@csagroup.org.

We are excited about this project and look forward to receiving your interest and submission soon. Sincerely,

Larisa Logan, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Project Manager, Construction and Infrastructure Standards
416 747 2794 larisa.logan@csagroup.org