Dale Scott – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Dale Scott

Name: Dale Scott
Position: Manager
Organization: City of Selkirk- Water & Wastewater Facilities
Born and Raised: 


I came the hard way into the water world. I worked installing pipe and running backhoes to running jobs. I finally realized I loved it so much, I starting taking courses. I still do!

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I got my start in the industry through my Environmental Technologies program by doing a summer co-op position at a Water Treatment Facility in Neepawa, Manitoba.  Since then I have worked for the RM of Macdonald for 4 years as a Water Treatment Facility Operator.  I have been a WCW and MWWA member for 4 years.

Typical day

We do it all! We have wells to maintain and monitor as well as the pumping stations and reservoirs. We are also involved in the water process itself as well. There are not too many days that are the same as the day before. Some aspects remain the same of course, but each day gives you a new challenge and teaches you to grow.

Job Satisfaction

We cannot live without water. It is our life blood. To be able to ensure everyone can go to the tap and know automatically the water is safe to drink makes me feel good. It is our gift to the world

Main challenges

What we do today ensures the next generation has at least what we have. We try and leave it better than we found it. That way, we sleep well

Career Highlights



It is one of the fastest growing industries. We have a huge need for fresh young minds. With so many employees ready to retire, there will be a great opportunity for advancement. It is a feel good industry and hard for anyone to say we don’t need it. The greatest challenges are yet to come. We have what all countries want, it is our greatest resource. We need the greatest minds to maintain it for the future. Don’t take this field lightly. Water is worth more than gold. Try to live without it!

Time away from work

My interests include hunting, carving, playing the mandolin, and writing children’s books. It used to be baseball and volleyball but they are not as much fun to watch. I also love the outdoors and enjoy canoeing and kayaking.