David Pelland – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – David Pelland

David PellandName: David Pelland
Position: Supervisor of Local Wastewater Services Division.
Organization: City of Winnipeg
Born and Raised: Winnipeg


University of Manitoba Labor Law Certificate obtained. (Including Economics)

University of Sacramento Operation & Maintenance Collections Systems I & II Certificates obtained.

Province of Manitoba Wastewater Collection Operator IV Certificate obtained.

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I have been a member on the Board of Directors of the MWWA, (population over 50,000) since November 2010.

Typical day

I arrive at work by 6:30 am. I review the daily work assignments that are given to 30 field staff on various Maintenance & Excavation crews with 2 Foreman that are on shift. I review and respond to all e-mail concerns by e-mail or phone calls. I attend to Supervisor and Management meetings as they arise. I travel to worksites to do work observations on work crews. My typical day usually ends by 4:30 pm.

Job Satisfaction

The chance to improve the operation,  maintenance, service(s) and performance of the Local Wastewater Services Division within the City of Winnipeg.

Main challenges

Change in the workplace and acceptance by the workers.

Career Highlights



Education, having an open mind, willing to accept change in the workplace. Be willing to be a good listener as well as a good speaker. Remember there is always room for new ideas.

Time away from work

Networking, Travelling