Edgar Wright – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Edgar Wright

Edgar WrightName: Edgar Wright
Position: Circuit Rider Trainer
Organization: SaskWater
Born and Raised: Edgar was raised on Moosimin FN and currently lives 2 miles from where he was raised.


Edgar completed K-8 in Lloydminster because his family moved for employment.  Later he attended High School in North Battleford.  In 2004 he was selected to attend a Water and Wastewater course sponsored by the North Battleford Tribal Council.  He received training in four disciplines of treatment (WT/WD/WWT/WWC) in a 9 week period.  Prior to the water and wastewater training, Edgar completed a 2-year course in automotive mechanics.  His mechanical aptitude has been useful in his career as an operator.

History in the industry and as a WCW member

Edgar began his career as an operator on the Moosomin FN as an operator in training working in the water treatment plant, the distribution system, the collection system and maintaining the lagoon.  After receiving his training he spent 10 years working for the City of North Battleford in their water treatment plant.  His responsibilities included operating both the surface water plant, the groundwater treatment plant, booster stations, water tower, and distribution system.  He remembers these days fondly but does not miss the long commute and shift work.  In 2014 Edgar joined SaskWater as a circuit rider; a job he still enjoys today.

Typical day

Most of the communities that Edgar works with are within 1.5 hours of driving, so he is able to be home most nights.  He spends 2 days at a time with an operator to assist with regular maintenance and preventative maintenance.  Each week he visits 2 of his communities.  Fridays are dedicated to doing paperwork and writing reports.  Emergency calls in the evenings and weekends are not uncommon.  Edgar says that most problems can be resolved on the phone but occasionally he will have to assist the operator with an emergency.  Common troubleshooting issues include chemical feed pump issues, pump failures, lift station problems or flooding, power outages and computer failures.

Job Satisfaction

Helping FN communities and helping the operators.  They appreciated the technical support and having someone to call for advice.

Main challenges

Edgar says that raising children and working full-time is a big challenge for him.  He is very proud that his son graduated high school last year and his daughter will be graduating this year.  He also has a 12-year-old daughter that is working hard in school like her siblings.

Another challenge he finds is keeping up with ever-changing technology.  He says that water treatment plants are becoming more complex all of the time with the addition of computer and SCADA systems.  The instrumentation is becoming more difficult to troubleshoot for operators as well.


“Work hard, and don’t ever give up on it”.

Time away from work

Edgar spends his free time riding his quad with his son, snowmobiling near his home and hunting for White Tail deer and moose.