Instrumentation and Online Monitoring

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23 & 24 February 2017

Holiday Inn and Suites South Red Deer Alberta

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Online instrumentation provides timely process information to operations and maintenance staff, to assist them with understanding the status of the process and making decisions. Such instrumentation is a critical part of modern water and wastewater system operations. This day and half workshop will provide an overview of basic instrumentation operating principles, discussion of water and wastewater-specific instrumentation applications, emerging instrumentation technologies and troubleshooting of field instruments. Speakers will also highlight local case studies of instrumentation application successes and challenges. Workshop will include a mini tradeshow.

There is an evening networking reception for water industry professionals in the workshop location on Thursday, February 23 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. There will be hot appetizers and a free beverage for those that attend.


This workshop will provide guidance and information for anyone working with instrumentation or online monitoring systems. If you are representing any of the following positions within the overall water and wastewater industry, this workshop is for you.

  • Water or wastewater operators
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Civic or mechanical engineers
  • Utility managers/supervisors


  • Regulatory requirements for instrumentation
  • General considerations for instrumentation
  • Basic instruments and operating principles
  • WTP Instrumentation Highlights
  • Troubleshooting instruments
  • WWTP Instrumentation Highlights
  • What to do with all the data?
  • Case studies – where data can work for you
  • Lessons learned – where data can work against you

Mini Trades Show

The mini tradeshow space is sold out. Thank you to the following companies for participating

  • Capital H2O Systems, Inc.
  • Eramosa Engineering
  • MPE Engineering Ltd
  • SRP Control Systems Ltd
  • WJF Instrumentation (1990) Ltd

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Thursday February 23
8:30 Registration Speaker
9:30 Housekeeping Max Wong, P.Eng.
Capital H2O Systems, Inc.
9:45 Introduction

  • Why does a plant need instruments?
  • Why do plant O&M staff need to know about instruments?
  • Why do “regular” designers need to know about instruments?
  • Define workshop objectives
Zane Spencer, P.Tech (Eng)
MPE Engineering Ltd.
10:15 Regulatory requirements for instrumentation

  • Why is regulator interested in instrumentation?
  • Overview of requirements for WTP and WWTP for on-line instrumentation
  • Reporting requirements
Speaker from Alberta
Environment and Parks
10:45 Break (15 min)  
11:00 General considerations for instrumentation

  • Operating environment
  • Power requirements
  • System topology
  • Visualization
  • Small plants vs. large plants
  • Single site vs. distributed site (e.g. regional system)
Matthew Sider, EIT
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
11:30 Basic instrument and operating principles
Prototypical instrument applications – flow, level, temperature, pressure
Phil Johnson
SRP Controls
12:00 Lunch – Trade show open  
13:00 Flow and level

  • Flow instrumentation for WTP / WWTP – types and application notes
  • Level instrumentation for WTP / WWTP – types and application notes
Phil Johnson
SRP Controls
13:30 WTP instrumentation highlights

  • Where instruments are found in the WTP process
  • Detailed examination of specific equipment – types, limitations, general maintenance requirements:
  • Residual chlorine measurement
  • Particle counters
  • Residuals management – dechlorination
Ryan Jalowica, P.Eng
Samantha Marcy, P.Eng.
Associated Engineering
14:15 Troubleshooting instruments
Common issues encountered with instruments
Discuss safety considerations
Regular maintenance requirements for common instruments
Marian Bratu
Nason Contracting
15:00 Break – Trade show open  
15:30 Novel instrumentation
Online reagent-free multiparameter analysis
Nathan Klinkhammer
ZAPS Technologies
15:50 Septage system instrumentation
Selected applications
Jeff Simpson
Aquatic Life
16:10 WWTP Instrumentation Highlights
Where instruments are found in the WWTP process
Detailed examination of specific equipment – types, limitations, general maintenance requirements:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Nutrient analysis
Laurence Stan, P.Eng.
17:30 Networking event for attendees  
Friday February 24
7:30 Breakfast  
8:00 On-line water quality monitoring in source waters
Continuous ambient monitoring systems
Flow measurement systems
Using realtime monitoring data for active management
Wendell Koning, M.Sc.
Alberta Environment and Parks
8:30 Finding the instrument you need
Case study – Online Zeta Quest
Trevor Shu, EIT
9:00 What to do with all this data?
Data management, visualization and interpretation
Bart Nelissen
9:30 Case study 1
City of Edmonton wastewater collection system monitoring system
Hardware and software implementation
Real-time SCADA visualization of operating facilities
Applications of monitoring data
Michael Porretta, P.Eng.
MMM Group
10:00 Break – Trade show open  
10:30 Case study 2
Data driven chemical dosing – models and optimization
Modelling, control strategy, implementation and optimization
Leonardo Paternina, P.Eng.
Dipen Desphande, P.Eng.
11:00 Lessons learned
City of Calgary Nose Creek Lift Station
Beddington Lift Station
Chris Huston, P.Eng.
City of Calgary
Q&A and session wrap-up Max Wong, P.Eng.
Capital H2O Systems, Inc.