Grant McGorman – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Grant McGorman

Grant McGormanName: Grant McGorman
Position: Water Treatment Facility Operator
Organization: Rural Municipality of Macdonald\ Sanford, Manitoba
Born and Raised: Arden, Manitoba


Environmental Technologies Land and Water Management- Assiniboine Community College Water and Wastewater School- Red River Community College

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I got my start in the industry through my Environmental Technologies program by doing a summer co-op position at a Water Treatment Facility in Neepawa, Manitoba.  Since then I have worked for the RM of Macdonald for 4 years as a Water Treatment Facility Operator.  I have been a WCW and MWWA member for 4 years.

Typical day

I am part of a 4-person crew at the RM of Macdonald and we are responsible for the operation of the Water Treatment Facility and distribution system, 5 remote reservoirs, and wastewater lift stations.  We are required to be at the Facility 7 days a week for 8 hours a day as well as being on-call 24 hours a day in case of alarms or emergencies. A typical day on the job is coming in and checking the status of the plant to make sure all processes and equipment are running properly.  We then record our plant readings, do all our water tests, and check the status of all our remote reservoirs and lift stations through our SCADA system. We fill or change and chemicals needed, and perform any maintenance in the Facility that is needed. Depending on the day of the week we also perform water meter installs, bacteriological and THM testing from locations in the distribution system, and bi-weekly checkups and maintenance of remote reservoirs.

Job Satisfaction

I like the changes that are going on in our industry in particular. I like the new technologies that we are using and incorporating, and the challenges that go along with these changes. I like how any day or time can present a new challenge or problem, and finding the causes and solutions to these problems is what keeps my position exciting and challenging.

Main challenges

The main challenge in my position would be gaining recognition in the community for the work that Water Treatment Operators do. I feel that the majority of the population have no idea where their water comes from, the work that goes into creating safe and potable drinking water or how strictly regulated our industry is.

Career Highlights

Passing all my certification exams and becoming a Class 4 Water Treatment Operator.


The best advice I could give on having a successful career would be to take an active interest in all aspects of the industry and always keep up to date on new equipment and technologies whether that’s through seminars, trade shows or upgrading education. Our industry is changing in a very positive way and I feel we are slowly gaining more recognition for the important work we do. As long as you take pride in your work and career and really care about what you do, you will have a very successful and fulfilling career.

Time away from work

I spend my time away from work traveling with my wife Mandy and getting ready for the arrival of our first child. I also enjoy staying physically active and spending a lot of time outdoors.