Justin Rak-Banville – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Justin Rak-Banville

Justin Rak-BanvilleName: Justin Rak-Banville
Position: Water Specialist
Organization: WSP Canada Inc., Winnipeg
Born and Raised: Winnipeg, Manitoba


Bachelor of Science (’07), Chemistry from the University of Manitoba
Masters of Science (’10), Environmental Engineering from the University of Manitoba
Masters of Business Administration (‘18), University of Liverpool

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I was first introduced to WCW during my graduate studies where the application of instrumental chemistry became fundamental for conceptualizing and resolving the real world problems of water quality and disinfection.

Typical day

Consulting has offered a high amount of variability, and with that, there is no typical day. Some days are in the office, others are on site or in the field. Things come up that you didn’t anticipate, and each project is different. Project involvement ranges greatly and recently has involved elements of the following between conceptualization and management: treatment plant design and treatability consultation, utility cost of service studies and other regulatory affairs, equilibrium and kinetic modeling and calculations, as well as environmental site assessments.

Job Satisfaction

I enjoy the variability that each day brings, and the flexibility my position offers (and demands) in terms of meeting each client’s unique needs.

Main challenges

Timing, particularly when many agents are involved.


Always, at the minimum, consider each new challenge as a potential opportunity.

Time away from work

I spend much of my time looking for either a construction or renovation project, playing rugby, or trying to set up a server in my home network for the tenth time.