Luke Lockhart – WCW Member Profile

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Luke Lockhart

Luke LockhartName: Luke Lockhart
Position: Superintendent of Municipal Operations
Organization: Town of Outlook
Born and Raised: Outlook, SK.


I currently hold a Level 2 in both water and wastewater

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I am a member through SWWA; I became a SWWA member because I wanted to be part of the organization that handles the training of operators and to become familiar with others in the industry. I have recently joined the SWWA Executive Board and I am looking forward to working with the group on a decision-making level.

Typical day

The day always begins with a safety meeting followed by the handing out of assignments; as everyone knows things do not always go as planned so often times what you expect to do in a day and what actually happens are two very different things.

Job Satisfaction

I love working with the crew I have, I enjoy all aspects of the job and making a safe product for the community.

Main challenges

It can be challenging at times to make the public happy or the town council, but the important thing is to roll with the punches and just keep doing the best you can.

Career Highlights

Rick Pederson, Calvin Clark and Dig Lemon have all been a huge impact in my career. They helped me grow professionally and introduced me to many individuals who have helped me along the way.


Work hard, never be afraid to ask questions – that is how you learn, mistakes will happen the important thing is to learn from them. Always try to have fun; it makes the crappy days a lot better!

Time away from work

My time away from work is spent with my family and friends, playing hockey and of course watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders!