Murray McLeod – WCW Member Profile

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Murray McLeodName: Murray McLeod
Position: General Manager
Organization: PSI Pipeline Supply International Inc.
Born and Raised: Born in Nipawin, Saskatchewan Moved when young to Victoria, BC Since 1991 have lived in Vancouver.


Attended University of Victoria with major in Mathematics and Sciences

Currently teach courses within the 4 western provinces, certified to teach mechanical restraint design and applications, and certified to teach courses on flow measurement

History in the industry and as a WCW member

Entered the waterworks distribution industry in 1971, managing business and sales on Vancouver Island until 1991.

Moved to Vancouver to start PSI in 1991. PSI continues to sell and support sales for several manufacturers in the Water distribution and wastewater collection business, through Uniflange pipe restraint products, Standon pipe supports, and CCI casing spacer products.

PSI manages the business of Suez Environment NA equipment manufacturing companies Degremont Technologies, Infilco Degremont, and Ozonia Disinfection Inc. in the Western Canada region.

Typical day

The word “typical” does not exist, as our business has many variables and directions.

I do not get up in the morning ever looking for something to do.

With our variety of products and large geographical territory, every day is a new adventure.

Job Satisfaction

I enjoy my position as it allows me to interact with a wide variety of people throughout the municipal water and wastewater industry.

Main challenges


Career Highlights

I have been very active in all Associations related to water and wastewater, both in BC and Western Canada.

In AWWA, I have served on Board positions, technical committees, Small Systems committee, and administrative committees like the Canadian Affair Committee for 6 years.

AWWA has presented me with a Life Membership Award and the George Warren Fuller Award.

I received my 5S Award in 1988, and currently sit as pH7 in BC awards committee.

PSI is one of the founding members of the MSSA.  The MSSA presented me with the John McClure Award in 2014.

My company has been presented with Corporate Recognition awards, recognizing it’s involvement in our industry.

I am often called on to do technical presentations at many of the provincial associations in support of our industry.


To be successful in our water and waste industry, you need to get involved, and stay involved.

By doing this, you will be recognized for this involvement, by your peers, and it will make your ability to do what you are focused on much easier.

Time away from work

I enjoy many different sports, and am working on enjoying my golf game more these days.

My wife Luci and I enjoy traveling. We enjoy seeing other places, and plan many trips to Europe and the Caribbean. We love to take fall breaks to sunshine destinations like Hawaii, or getaways to wine regions like the Sonoma Valley.