MWWA Conference another Success

The annual MWWA conference was recently held on Jan 8-10 in Brandon, Manitoba. Although it was a lot earlier this year, that didn’t seem to keep people away. We had record attendance of 310 delegates, and 82 exhibitors. Over the 2 days, registrants took in papers, explored the tradeshow and had a great time networking with other water professionals. A copy of some of the papers is available on our website at


During the banquet, attendees were treated to a great meal and entertained by the great escape artist Dean Gunnerson. With his hands chained to his feet, he was submerged in a 40 gallon drum filled to the top with water. The lid was then chained to the drum with only a small hole to reach the combination lock holding it all together. He was able to remove the chains and escape in 1 minute, 50 seconds. Try holding your breath for that long! At the banquet, we presented our various awards to well deserving recipients. The winners were;


Rookie of the Year – Mark Wiltsey, City of Brandon

Operator of the Year – Richard Bezdietny, RM of Gimli

Lorne Sayer Award – Trevor Richardson

Supplier of the Year – Flocor Inc.


Pins were also given out to past board chairpersons and plaques were presented to past board members.


Overall, the conference was a great success and received high reviews from delegates. We would like to thank our sponsors, the presenters, tradeshow vendors, and all the attendees for making our conference what it is. We hope to see everyone again next year, Feb.3-6, 2013 at the Victoria Inn, Winnipeg.