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Pat PhilipName: Pat Philip
Position: Leader Operations
Organization: City of Calgary, Water Treatment
Born and Raised: Red Deer, Alberta


I have from SAIT a Diploma of Technology for Engineering Drafting, Technician Certificates in Gas Process Operations, and Third Class Power Engineering.  From NAIT, I have a Water and Waste Water Technician Certificate and from the University of Calgary Cont. Ed. a Certificate of Professional Management

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I started my career with the City of Calgary Water Treatment in June 1989 as a Junior Operator.  During my career, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of projects such as the prep work we did for Y2K, being the Operational Liaison for the upgrade projects and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). I was seconded to another division, where I spent a brief but very educational four months in 2012 in Field Services as Leader Operations. I have been in my current role as Leader, Operations, off and on since March 2010 and became permanent in January 2015.

Typical day

My typical day is ruled by e-mails and requests from others.  The start of the day is a quick check of the past days’ production and water quality from the plants and transmission stations.  Review current impacts to the plants which include: OOS equipment, planned maintenance, coordination of production outages between plants and the distribution system, raw water supply, review upcoming impacts to plants.

Job Satisfaction

It is never dull.  In operations the water is continuously flowing which means my day to day is fluid.  In my position, I interact with all areas of the water business.  I work with a lot of dedicated people who are passionate about Water.

Main challenges

The two Water Treatment Plants in Calgary have been going through some major upgrades since 2001.  It has been a challenge to balance the integration of the new processes into the plant streams while maintaining the water quality and production levels for a city of over 1.2 million people.  This includes maintaining qualified and experienced operators to be able to run the plants and transmission facilities successfully.


Own the position you are in.  Take ownership of your actions.  Do not wait for an opportunity, be ready for the opportunity.

Time away from work

I have two grown sons with the youngest recently graduating from the U of C as a Civil Engineer and my older son who is a Journeyman Tradesperson. Both are enjoying careers in fields that touch on water. Both have left the nest and have yet to boomerang back.  I enjoy fly fishing, mountain biking, hockey, and I am starting to play golf.  I have an RV that myself and wife sometimes joined by our sons spend weekends and our summer vacation in.  Summer vacation is usually spent in the BC Okanagan area enjoying the weather and sampling world-class wines.