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Scott MacintoshName: Scott Macintosh
Position: Senior Project Engineer
Organization: City of Edmonton
Born and Raised: Ontario


Systems Design Engineering (University of Waterloo), P. Eng, AVS (Associate Value Specialist), applying for PMP (Project Management Professional)

History in the industry and as a WCW member

I began my career in consulting, focusing on design and construction of pump stations and wastewater treatment plants, followed by municipal Asset Management.  After working in private industry for 5 years, I switched to the public sector as a project manager at the City of Edmonton’s Drainage Design and Construction branch.

I was involved with WEAO as a Young Professional in Ontario, before moving to western Canada.  I have been on the Young Professional’s Committee with WCWEA for approximately two years and have helped organize events, fundraisers, work at conferences etc.  I am also on the WFP WCWEA committee and have organized fundraisers, spoken at events, and will be traveling to Denver for orientation at WFP headquarters this summer.

Typical day

As a project manager, your duties often conform to the demands of the day, especially when construction is active.  Aside from the planning and design aspects of projects, issues constantly arise during construction that must be dealt with immediately.

I am currently project manager for a major tunneling project ($41.9M), a major flood mitigation project ($28.6M), as well as several smaller projects including being responsible for the City’s Pump Station Upgrade program for approx. 82 facilities throughout the City.

Job Satisfaction

I enjoy working for City because of the feeling that you are contributing to something larger than yourself and contributing to the growth of a major Canadian city.  The projects we build positively impact citizens and help facilitate the future growth of the City.

I also enjoy working on construction projects because you can see the tangible difference you are making in the world every time you drive by something that you helped construct.  It is a real world impact that goes beyond planning studies and reports.

Main challenges

One of the major challenges we face in the public sector is engaging the public and spreading the message about the positive work we are doing in the City. It is easy for residents to see the City in a negative light when they are inconvenienced by construction projects and see news releases about issues on major projects. Because of this, it is important for us to effectively communicate all the positive work we are doing so citizens understand the contributions we are making to increase the level of service we provide.

Career Highlights

Obtaining my degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo was a major highlight in my career.  I also recently gained my AVS designation and will be writing my PMP exam this year.  I have had 3 articles published to date and have another pending article that will be published this summer.  I was the project manager for a project that was nominated for the Environmental Sustainability Award at the CEA gala this year.

I take pride in the volunteering contributions I have been a part of.  Being nominated to the WCWEA WFP committee last year was rewarding.  Helping to build our local YP chapter was also very rewarding, seeing the group grow from being non-existing to having 6+ active members within one year.  This growth was spurred by successful events, such as a bowling fundraiser and a speaker’s night that I helped organize as well as presented at.

I have had the opportunity to work many important mentors so far.  I do my best to absorb all the knowledge I can from people with decades of experience, in both the technical aspects of our position as well as the managerial and business aspects.


Determine what positions your skills are best aligned with and aggressively pursue them.  Some people’s skill sets make them better suited for being a technical subject matter expert, while my personal skills are best suited towards management, coordination, and networking.

Time away from work

I love to be outside and do outdoor activities.  Growing up in Ontario, we did not have large mountains like in Alberta and British Columbia, so I enjoy spending time in the Rockies and love snowboarding at the ski hills.