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Sterling MitchellName: Sterling Mitchell
Position: Operator II
Organization: Elinor Lake Resort
Born and Raised: Delisle Sask. / Edmonton Ab.


1984 Graduate of Westerra’s Water Wastewater Technician Program (making me a Stony Plain Institute of Technology..SPIT Grad J ) coupled with continuous upgrades

History in the industry and as a WCW member

It’s tough to be brief about a 30 year career, I have seen Mercury float switches replaced by ultrasonics, VFDs go from the size of commercial fridges to that of a toaster and U.V. come from a “ why does it work?” Thesis Question to an operator-proof solution for disinfection. I firmly believe that if Peristaltic were easier to say we wouldn’t have diaphragm pumps moving chemicals anymore

Typical day

Thank God there is no such thing as a typical day, ever… All operators have their “rounds”, but with the tourist-oriented facility that I run, the off season is quiet. That all changes with the May long weekend, then it’s a blur until the September long is gone.

Main challenges

The facility is 5 years old and entering its first maintenance cycle, keeping within budget while undertaking repairs/upgrades is something we all face, I just wish lab equipment was cheaper.

Career Highlights

Outside of the teams I’ve helped build, no-one has been crazy enough to honour me. Touring the NRC labs where Membranes were developed, being on the National Native Drinking Water Committee and observing Silver and Grass Carp school together during experiments near Lethbridge are things I hope to recall for some time.


Have Faith, don’t whine, wear your ppe, do what you do because you love it, and protect your community’s health and environment.

Time away from work

Cars, Cars, Cars, nap, more Cars…