Water: What We Pay For

This week we celebrate AWWA's Drinking Water Week. This video from the Alliance for Water Efficiency is a timely reminder about the value of water and the people, plants, pipes and power that keep … [Read more...]

Growing Young Professionals in Water Management

Last week, young water professionals from all over Sri Lanka met for the country’s first-ever Sri Lankan Young Water Professional Symposium. At this gathering, young professionals aged 35 and under … [Read more...]

Water Safety During Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters often leave us wondering why. The ferocious October storm Hurricane Sandy reminded us of a few things. The power of a community coming together. The strength and resiliency of the … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Water

Water Management - Do You Understand What it Takes to Get to the Tap? You turn on your tap and out comes clean, drinkable and safe water for you and your family. You rely on this water for cooking … [Read more...]

Water Management is a Community Responsibility

Water Management - How you Can Get Involved Water is a resource we all share. Everyone wants access to clean and safe water and many argue this access is a basic human right. To deny clean water is … [Read more...]