Tap Water – The Benefits and Why You Should Drink It

Tap Water or Bottled Water?

Tap Water

There has been enough news now about the general harm of bottle water that you would think more people would drink tap water. Yet many people still seem to have missed the boat on this one. Just look at recycling bins and trash cans in any major city and you will see scores of those little clear plastic bottles. Tap water is a resource that we are lucky to have a quality supply of, why would you buy bottled water with that in mind?

Tap water, though, still seems to have a bad rap so let’s talk about the benefits of drinking tap water over bottled water.

First and foremost, drinking tap water is good for our environment. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum products and the amount of energy used in producing, transporting and recycling these bottles is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Many more bottles end up in the landfill where they slowly degrade, leeching their chemicals into the soil.

Secondly, tap water is often better for you. Water management regulations require frequent testing of tap water for bacteria such as E.coli and Cryptosporidum and other harmful contaminants. In Canada, Health Canada inspects bottled water. Far more parties are involved in determining local tap water management and look at a broader range of contaminants.

Another benefit of drinking tap water is that it’s probably what you’re drinking out of a bottle anyway. Bottled water is often simply just treated tap water. There is no requirement that bottled water manufacturers disclose the source of the bottled water unless it is mineral or spring water. So, that costly bottle of water might be the same thing you could have had right out of your own kitchen sink.

So do the earth, yourself and your wallet a favor. Start drinking tap water today and start seeing the benefits immediately.