WCW Member Profile – Terry Melnyk

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Terry Melnyk

Terry Melnyk WCW Member ProfileName: Terry Melnyk
Position: Account Manager/Outside Sales
Organization: Wolseley  Engineered WaterWorks Group
Core Function: Regional Sales
Born and Raised: Edmonton, Alberta


Grade 12 with university courses all pertaining to Water works career i.e. Cross connection specialist/H.D.P.E water and gas certified to 65”/ water distribution level 2/ numerous safe excavation/trenching/shoring and confined space courses/Hyprescon hot tapping and line stopping with valve insertion certified / heavy equipment operator and trainer.

History in the industry and as a WCW member

My career started in 1990 with a water meter installation coordinator position.  Followed by hot tapping and HDPE fusion technician and performing all kinds of water and waste water related services becoming specialized in these fields. I’ve also completed most heavy equipment operator courses and their related courses to add to the experience I have to share with the credibility to back it up.  I’ve been an active member to the AWWA since the early 90’s. In the mid 90’s when involved in a subdivision installation turning farmers’ fields into a private 36 house adult gated community and was hooked from then on.

Typical day

My role takes me into the field, into customer’s buildings/offices and including their jobsites allowing me to get hands on approach as to what our current and future customers needs would be. I then take those needs and source out the best and most efficient materials for our customers needs. This allows me with my experience to educate them on any new materials or updates to any existing materials. Not reinventing the wheel but being able to showcase any industry improvements can happen several times a week, which is a great motivation for coming into work the next day. Particularly watching projects go from drawing on paper to real life completions is also very satisfying.

Job satisfaction

I love the ability to educate and show the new technology in our industry and I really love meeting new people every day and developing relationships can and will last a lifetime. Having the knowledge and ability to trouble shoot to assist in customers’ needs is also very satisfying. Having a past that enabled me to touch, handle and install almost everything we supply is a huge asset when helping customers (in a way), I already see what they’re trying to accomplish and is rewarding in itself. Using the cliché “been there done that” and here is how I can help.

Main challenges

The challenges mainly faced are meeting deadlines for customer’s orders and delivery. It takes a great deal of organization, scheduling and time management which in turn helps out in both the professional career and also personally throughout one’s life. Also scheduling the busy lives of other people to fit in with my schedule is a big challenge. Today world is a busy world and finding the time to meet with other people is a big challenge. You have to be flexible and versatile and accommodating for so many others to be successful. Being compassionate for others helps in the process.

Career highlights/Mentors

My personal highlights are some of the specific certifications I’ve received through services i.e. Certified in up to 65” hdpe fusion in which running that machine alone is satisfying. Being only one of three certified to hot tap large diameter hyprescon transmission lines in our region. Plus, almost on a weekly basis being able to be the hero in saving customers large amounts of money with offering options to complicated repairs. In the water works industry there are several mentors and people to look up to. This industry provides very long satisfying careers and it isn’t unusual to talk to several people who will have 40 plus years of knowledge. These same people have all advanced so far up in their careers it’s not difficult to pick several individuals to look up to. The other exciting part is when either alone or with company having the ability to drive around your home town or even outside communities to see the end results of projects you were involved in. It is very satisfying to see the finished product of someone’s vision that you’ve been a part of.

Advice for a successful career

I suppose my best advice is to stay organized and honest. It takes twice as much effort to come back from mistakes rather than doing things right and honestly in the first place. And customer service is all about being there and available. Don’t get all caught up in this voice mail/ leaving messages and getting back game that goes on way to much these days. Answer the phone, step up and deal with what’s in front of you. If you allow too much time to go by then frustrated people will always find other ways. And in a customer service industry you can never get ahead if you’re not available to be that support when called upon. Stay organized – it’s simple.

Time away from work

I’m a single father of two terrific boys and so when I’m not at work I’m still living like a kid. I still can play in the sandbox with the best of them. From dirt bike racing and bmx racing to snowboarding/skiing and dirt surfing I’m still a kid at heart and when I’m away from work, well I’m playing. I’ve also played drums since age 6 and still continue to play weekly which as an adult now it’s called therapy.