Water Management is a Community Responsibility

Water Management – How you Can Get Involved

Water ManagementWater is a resource we all share. Everyone wants access to clean and safe water and many argue this access is a basic human right. To deny clean water is to deny the ability to lead a normal healthy life. The rivers, lakes, streams, wells, and watersheds belong to us all, even though it may “belong” to a city or province specifically. What happens in one region can affect the water in another and so water treatment management becomes a community responsibility, not just one agency’s job.

There are many ways you can get involved in water treatment management in your particular region that will have broad impact on the community you live in and other regions affected by your water use and management.

Citizen Boards
One way to get involved with water treatment in your community is by joining a citizen board. Local water agencies or water treatment associations often have advisory or oversight boards who help them set goals, review practices and provide guidance. Some members of citizen boards get elected, others are appointed and some simply require you to just volunteer.

Joining a citizen board or advisory board can get you directly involved in how water is managed in your region providing valuable input into new policies or practices. You can locate the citizen boards in your community by contacting your local city or regional government or your water provider.

Community Organizations
Another way to get involved with water management is through community organizations or non-profit agencies. These organizations often focus on one aspect of water management such as clean water or water conservation. Joining a community organization or non-profit allows you to focus on the aspect of water management you have the most passion for. You can also manage your involvement, as well. Citizen boards can require a lot of time and a serious commitment, which can be hard for people with full schedules. Community organizations let you get involved at whatever level you can.

Join the Team
You can get involved in water management more directly by looking for employment in the water treatment industry. Water is an important resource and takes a team of professionals working together to manage it most effectively. Careers in the water industry include:

  • policy and planning;
  • operations and trades people;
  • managers;
  • scientists and engineers;
  • and many other exciting career opportunities.

Choosing a career in water management makes you a member of the community working to protect drinking water and the health and safety of citizens.

Just as we all share the water we use, we all share in the responsibility for managing the water. Get involved in water management in your region by joining a board, volunteering for a non-profit organization or starting your career in water management.