WCW Member Profile – Crystal Eggert

Working-in-Water-logoWCW Member Profile – Crystal Eggert, Instructor Water & Wastewater TEchnician Program NAIT, Edmonton AB.

CrystalName: Crystal Eggert
Company/City: NAIT, Edmonton, AB
Position: Instructor

Core Function

My current position has many similarities to that of being an operator which I really enjoy.  For one, no day is the same. Each day has a different challenge for both the students and I alike. My knowledge is continually growing and this benefits me both as an Operator and an Instructor. I work on a daily basis with a diverse team of people who make up the NAIT faculty and they are all terrific. I have plenty of time off in the summer to do the things I love, and will finally have time to read a book for pleasure!


From an early age, I was always passionate about nature and the environment. I recall as a child spending countless hours exploring the ravines and tree lines around my home for wildlife.  I especially felt drawn to the lakes, looking for insects, and studying the plants and trees in the neighbourhood. That is how I remember spending much of my time. Throughout high-school I continued to enjoy courses related to sciences, my favourites being Biology and Chemistry. So when I discovered NAIT’s Biological Sciences/Environmental Sciences course I registered. It was a terrific program well suited to people with a passion for keeping our natural resources sustainable; but what I found of particular interest was the water and wastewater topics within the program. Through that course we took a tour to the Devon Water and Wastewater facilities and it was there I knew I had found my future career. Shortly after completing the program I enrolled in the Water and Wastewater Technician Program at NAIT, and I have found success ever since.

History in the Industry

As a 10 year AWWOA member, I have very much enjoyed my experiences and involvement in the water and wastewater industry. During this time I have transitioned from being in the field as an Operator, to now training and mentoring future Operators who take the Water and Wastewater Technician Program at NAIT. Getting to share my passion for water with students and industry professionals alike; I would like to think they teach me as much as I teach them.

Career Highlights

Through my years at NAIT I have realized that I owe my job enjoyment to my students. It is them who make me want to come in to work every day, and we build relationships that have lasted through the years. When I hear they have found success in this field, it makes me feel successful in what I do. It has been a very impactful career path, with some challenges, but I do my best because that what the students deserve.

Typical Day

I have fully developed in to my role as an Instructor, but it still comes with its list of on-going challenges. Focusing on keeping the curriculum and laboratory content current, assessments applicable, and keeping up to date with new technologies keeps me very busy. I still find the Industry magazines and websites very valuable in helping to keep me informed and innovative in the classroom.


Like everything in life, change is a constant. I try to perceive this change as an opportunity to reflect and improve on what has worked in the past, and find ways to fit that in to the future. This can be applicable to anything in our industry as we continue to be challenged with the struggle for sustainability in nature. I foresee many changes for our Industries future as our economic state continues to fluctuate.

Advice for a Successful Career

Staying connected in industry is incredibly valuable. It is not a large industry and you really never know who you will end up working with, whether it be day to day, or for conference or special projects. Be flexible and stay positive in the workplace. What you give is what you get.

Life away from work

In my spare time I continue to do my due diligence as an environmental steward by volunteering for Capital city clean-up. I enjoy spending sunny days in the river valley picking up litter to keep our parks and river clean. I still take pleasure in spending plenty of time outdoors running, biking, and most recently trying to golf. In the winter time, I stay warm with friends and family heading up to the mountains for a day of skiing and fun.


  1. A. Park says:

    Crystal was my lab instructor last May @ NAIT. A very competent and confident instructor. Thanks, Mz. Eggert.