Conference Hotel & Exhibitor Services Scammer Warning and Information

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies out there that are trying to scam our exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees with fraudulent hotel bookings. WCW is working through the proper channels to stop these scammers, and we express our sincerest apologies to those who have been contacted by one of these entities.

Reminder: The only way to receive the Conference hotel block rates is by contacting the hotel.

WCW will not provide a list or sell a list of attendee, sponsor, or exhibitor information (including names, organizations, emails, or phone numbers) to anyone (except our Municipal Service & Supplier (MSSA) members).  You will not be contacted for a room or travel booking. The only way to reserve your hotel room is by contacting the hotel directly.

If you have questions about making hotel reservation, please contact Western Canada Water’s office staff at 1-877-283-2003.

Please be aware for the following known scams:

No one should contact you directly to book your rooms or offer you a “special discounted conference rate.” If you receive one of these calls, it is a scam.

If you receive an email from with the subject line “Reservations Department has sent you the document ‘Hotel Booking Forms’ to sign,” please ignore this message. This company is not affiliated with Western Canada Water and it is a scam.

If you receive a phone call from someone wanting to speak to the ‘tradeshow coordinator or the person who is handling this event from your side’ or tries to alert you to a ‘decrease in the hotels room pricing’ or ‘very limited availability,’ this is a scam tactic.  Please ignore it and hang up. This company is not affiliated with Western Canada Water and it is a scam.

If someone contacts you claiming to be from Western Canada Water’s Exhibitor Department, do not share any information with them. The company is not affiliated with Western Canada Water and it is a scam.

Following is a list of known entities and phone numbers reported to be offering scam hotel deals:

  • Exhibition Housing / Exhibitor Services / EHS (800-217-4402), (800-600-4513), or (909-270-2446)
  • Convention Hotel Management” of Diamond Bar California (phone #  1-855-265-1061).