Western Canada Water Announce Our New Website

Western Canada Water is excited to announce the launch of our new website with updated features and enhanced navigation. The new site offers the same great information about the water industry but with a new look and feel that better represents the goals and mission of Western Canada Water and our constituent organizations.

The newly redesigned website has a more intuitive flow, guiding our members and the general public quickly and easily to the information they need to find. On the home page, we’ve added quick links to our latest blog posts and the latest industry news. We have also updated our event guide and placed it on the home page as well.

We made significant changes to the careers portion of our website. Our industry is growing rapidly as water regulations intensify and as many of the ”older” baby boomers consider retirement . Water and wastewater careers also offer a stable career option for people who believe in making a positive impact on their communities and the environment. Our new career pages outline the kinds of jobs available, provides links to information about scholarships and schooling, and lists current job openings.

We have added online service for members are well.  Profile Management and Event Registration are now available.  You will be able to update your information, select what information you wish published in the annual Who’s Who, as well as renew some memberships.  Registration for the WCW’12 Annual Conference and Exhibition can now be done online.  If you have not received your online access information, contact the office (1.877.283.2003).

Western Canada Water retains its core values and beliefs about the importance of water treatment to the health of our communities. Our newly redesigned website reflects our core values and serves the needs of the public and our partner organizations. Check out the new website today and engage in the important conversation about water and the water industry in Western Canada.

Conference Registration Instructions

WCW Annual Conference & Exhibition

Note: on line registration requires payment at the time of registration by credit card only.

  1. Registration http://wcwwa.ca/events/wcw-annual-conference-exhibition/registration/
  2. Click on the “Register Now” button
  3. Select WCW’12 Conference on the drop down list.
  4. Select registration type:
    1. Member
    2. Non Member
    3. Student
    4. Life Member
  5. Members will require login (Contact our office if you need login details), all other registration types will require information input.
  6. Select registration & event details.
  7. Verify Guest, if applicable, and provide details.
  8. Confirm registration details and approve cancellation policy.
  9. Enter Payment information – transaction will be processed directly by Moneris on a secure page. WCW will not receive any card information.
  10. System will send a confirmation email.